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ARF fundraiser dog rescue community event
Posted by marketing | 21 September 2018

Come for a great cause, stay for the dogs! Sunday October 21st, 2018 Hidden Lakes Park Martinez 11am-1pm (at the corner of Morello and Chilpancingo) Hot Dogs and Tasty Treats (for Dogs and their Folks) Pet Adoption Services Halloween Pet Costume Contest Pet Photographer (a perfect opportunity for holiday cards) Fantastic Dog-tastic Local Vendors Raffles...

fall household tasks, chores, fall cleaning home maintenance
Posted by marketing | 21 September 2018

Now is the time to complete those pesky fall home maintenance projects that show up annually on your to-do list. Nights have turned cooler, long sleeves and tall boots are here, and football is back on TV. Fall is here, and with it come new tasks for your home. As the sunshiny days of summer...

1031 tax exchange, real estate tax deferment
Posted by marketing | 14 September 2018

Understanding 1031 exchanges is important if you plan on buying and selling investment or rental properties. The name “1031 exchange” is derived from Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, and it can save you a lot on capital gains taxes. No one wants to pay more taxes than necessary, and there’s only one way...

buying a home while traveling, buy a home from out of town, sell out of town home
Posted by marketing | 07 September 2018

Although most people don’t aspire to buy a home while traveling out of town, or buying a home in Martinez from their living room in Chicago, it can be done. Home sales don’t have to pause because you find yourself in the hospital, or have an emergency trip. Yes, it still requires your involvement, but...

Improve your home's first impressions, curb appeal, front door appearance
Posted by marketing | 28 August 2018

You probably walk up to your house with your eyes trained on the door lock you’re about to put your key in, having completely missed the color of the roof, the condition of the trees, the health of the lawn, the color of the paint. You live there. This is all irrelevant background information to...

home staging, complimentary home staging, set up your home for success
Posted by marketing | 22 August 2018

  Home Staging is the practice of having a professional or team of professionals arrange furnishings and decor in your home with the intention of showing it in the best possible light. The end purpose of this “staging” is to allow potential buyers to see the home as their future home. Many people believe  Pleasant...