5 Fast Easy Halloween Crafts

5 Fast Easy Halloween Crafts

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5 Fast Easy Halloween Crafts


Just about everyone thinks spooky decor and holiday themed cuteness is fun. It makes us happy!

We’re not all equally excited to put in a lot of labor and time to make it happen, though. Do you want to create some scary fun, but do it fast and cheap? But really fun? We can help you there.

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Haunted House Silhouettes

This one is incredibly fun and easy, but can take a couple of days depending on how many windows you want to do and how detailed you are with your silhouettes. There’s a great tutorial complete with PDF files of a zombie and more, or you can draw your own horrors. Remember, people won’t’ be able to see the details from a distance. Keep things large scale and simple.


Popcorn monster hands, candy corn glove project, halloween


Halloween Popcorn Hands

Popcorn hands are super easy and because they’re hands, you can pose them lots of creepy ways! This tutorial for Halloween Popcorn Hands shows them only with white popcorn, but you can also have orange cheddar popcorn monster hands, try a dry caramel corn for more flesh colored hands, or mix green food coloring with water in a spray bottle and lightly mist the corn for green zombie hands! Make sure you’re cautious not to wet the popcorn and do let it dry overnight if you mist with color.


halloween crafts, easy scary decor ideas


Rainbow Crayon Pumpkin

This colorful pumpkin is easy to do, and is a great use of that can of broken crayons you have on hand! The melted crayon pumpkin tutorial suggests a rainbow of colors on a white pumpkin, but you can mix this up with green or orange pumpkins and focus on red or black crayons, too, if you like. There’s also no reason you can’t melt some vibrant colors onto gourds!


halloween decor ideas, cheap easy crafts


Bat Infestation

If you’ve ever watched bats come streaming out of a cave or through the sky before, you know it’s a creepy sight to behold. These bats are a great decor idea because of how easy and impactful they are. There’s a lot of room for creativity in placement, and they “go” with any decor, as much as any swarm of vampiric flying mammals would. Don’t feel limited to black construction paper, you can still make people nervous with glossy or shiny papers in colors like brown or grey too!


fast easy halloween crafts, creepy decor


Creepy Blood Candles

This one is for grown-ups to do, because it involves sharp things, fire and hot wax. Despite its lack of child-friendliness, it is super easy, and quite eye-catching. Especially if you nail an eye to one of them. Get the complete tutorial on Creepy Blood Candles.

Hopefully one or more of these fast, low-complication project ideas gets you excited! It’s time to get your house all spooky-fied for a great Halloween!

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