7 Reasons to Move to Martinez

7 Reasons to Move to Martinez

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7 Reasons to Move to Martinez

Ah, the sunny state of California! The West Coast has much to offer if you plan to relocate. But how do you know where you belong? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Martinez, a city in the East Bay of San Francisco, and the capital of Contra Costa County, California.

A Martinez realtor will tell you that there is much to love about this place. Of course, it’s essential to make a well-informed decision. Moving is not a simple task, and our goal is to help. Perhaps with the information we provide, you can decide if Martinez is the perfect place for you and your family. Here’s our Martinez realtor guide to the city…

1. Low Crime Rates

Martinez has a relatively low crime rate, which is an important factor to understand about any city you’re interested in relocating to. After all, security is critical in sustaining a good quality of life. A 2017 report published by SafeWise analysts ranked Martinez 36th in the 50 safest cities in California. Both the citizens and city officials take pride in making the city as safe as possible for residents. And when people feel safe, they contribute more in building a strong sense of community.

2. A Top-Ranking School District

Families with school-aged kids need good schools. Luckily, the Martinez school district ranked 4th in all of Contra Costa Country. There’s a great diversity, as well as activities aimed at prepping students for college.

3. The Home Value is Higher than the National Average

The media value of a home in Martinez is $557,700. It’s much higher than the national average. To some, it may seem like a disadvantage. But a stable property value is a better investment in the long run. If you plan to resell, you’ll see a better profit margin.

4. A Stellar Employment Landscape

Top employers in the area include healthcare companies and the school district. The County also employs many of the city’s residents. Plus, the median family income is over $100,000 per year.

5. Highly Diverse Community

Diversity says a lot about a community. Martinez has a healthy mix of families with young children. There are also many professionals and well-educated residents. The city is ethnically diverse, as well, with a balanced population of young and older adults.

6. It’s at the Center of Things

Accessibility also isn’t an issue if you live in Martinez. Located only 23 miles from San Francisco, commuting via rail, bus, or car is a breeze. Apart from popular food chains, there are also many restaurants.

7. Family Life

Every Martinez realtor will also point out that the city has a long history. It has a suburban feel, with old buildings that make it more charming. If you love nature, there are many parks for trekking and running. There are also pet-friendly and child-friendly parks for young families. Martinez is far from the hustle and bustle of a big metropolis. But, it’s an excellent choice for raising a family.  

Your Martinez Realtor

If you’re thinking about moving to Martinez, we can help. Contact our team of real estate experts at (925) 595-8047 for the inside scoop on the best neighborhoods.

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