5 Signs of a Quality Real Estate Agent

5 Signs of a Quality Real Estate Agent

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5 Signs of a Quality Real Estate Agent

04 August 2017 | Blog

Whether you are buying or selling property, you want a quality real estate agent on your side.


Not every real estate agent will be able to give you what you want, but you can look for these 5 signs that your prospective real estate agent does match what you need:

Trained and Committed

A quality real estate agent has the proper training and certification to work in the field.  A well-trained real estate agent doesn’t just meet the minimum requirements, but will go above and beyond. Showing their commitment to knowledge through training. The REALTOR© certification is a useful indication of training and knowledge.  When considering a real estate agent, ask about their credentials and work history.  Your property transactions should be their primary concern, not just a hobby or side job.

A History of Good Transactions

You will want a real estate agent who has a history of being able to make sales and close deals.  Research an agent’s record to see how many transactions they’ve had over time.  You can also ask the prospective agent for their history of buying or selling properties like yours. Details like pricing on the properties and how long they sat on the market are important. They can make a big difference in whether you can buy or sell in the way you want.

Timely Communication

You can miss out on the perfect deal if your real estate agent is slow to communicate.  Pay close attention to how quickly your agent responds to calls, emails, and texts. Especially if you’re reaching out during normal business hours.  If you can, read reviews or ask others about their interactions with this agent.  An agent who can communicate quickly and effectively is easier to work with.

An Expert in Their Field

Your real estate agent should act as the expert in the field. They should have mastered buying and selling, and guiding you through the process. Expect them to hav tips and techniques to assist you. If you’re selling, they should be providing suggestions for minor home improvements and staging directions that will help to attract buyers.  If you’re buying, they should have strategies to help make an attractive offer while pinpointing details that you need to pay attention to.

Current Market and Neighborhood Knowledge

A quality real estate agent will know about current trends.  As a seller, you’ll want an agent that knows the market and how to attract buyers.  A quality real estate agent will use the latest in technology (such as virtual tours) to give potential buyers insight into your property.  As a buyer, you want a quality real estate agent who knows the latest options for mortgages and financing.

Find the best agent for you by looking for these 5 outstanding qualities. If you’re looking to buy or sell a property soon, talk to us today about our unique approach to finding the best deal and guiding you through the process of buying or selling a home.

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