6 Things Pleasant Hill has to Offer New Homeowners

6 Things Pleasant Hill has to Offer New Homeowners

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6 Things Pleasant Hill has to Offer New Homeowners

Pleasant Hill homeowners describe their city as a friendly and vibrant community, and it’s not hard to see why. This Bay Area city is a picturesque place, especially for potential residents who enjoy spending time outdoors. There’s fun for the whole family in Pleasant Hill. Although it’s a small suburban city, it has a lot to offer new homeowners. Let’s take a closer look at the 6 best things Pleasant Hill has to offer new residents. 

1. It’s All About Community

Residents have a deep sense of community in this charming town outside the big city. It’s small enough to be neighborly, but not so small that privacy becomes an issue. If you’re looking to deepen your community roots, Pleasant Hill is a family-oriented place to belong. It may not have the nightlife of San Francisco, but the slower pace may be just what you’re needing to build lasting relationships.  

2. A Growing Business Scene

Pleasant Hill is committed to economic development and local residents are quick to support small business owners. The city’s website makes it easy to find documents and resources. There’s even a new business resource guide

3. Highly-Rated Public Schools 

The public schools in Pleasant Hill are highly rated, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your children will receive the education they deserve, without needing to pay for private school tuition. 

4. Outdoor Recreation 

In addition to the modern downtown area, Pleasant Hill has many green areas. The Pleasant Hill Park is a popular destination for families. It’s well maintained by the Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District, and has everything needed for a wonderful family day: BBQ pits, expansive lawns, and picnic areas.

5. Park for Pets

There are also parks for pets! Paso Nogal Park is the most popular place to take your furry friends for a walk. It has a lot of grassy space for your dog to run around. There are two playing areas: for dogs under twenty-five pounds and for dogs above twenty-five pounds. There are also wonderful trails leading to gorgeous views of Mt. Diablo.

6. Attend the Wine, Jazz, and Art Festival

And finally, for people of all ages, there are various events, including wine and beer, free music, and crafts. Since 2014, these festivals have also included a special “Kids Zone.” Your children will surely be delighted by Dinosaur Hill Park, also known as “Dino Hill” by the locals.

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