6 Tips to Help Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

6 Tips to Help Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

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6 Tips to Help Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

16 August 2019 | Selling your Home

Do you want to sell your home for top dollar? Are you wondering if you should price your home lower than the everyone else in the neighborhood to sell it fast, or if you should price it high to get the best deal? Unfortunately, it’s the buyers who decide your home’s value, not you. The best you can do is to put yourself in the buyers’ head to see how do they price it.


Muffle your emotions

First, it’s quite difficult to curb your emotions over making a business decision for a home that holds beautiful memories. But, it can make the situation hard to make the right decision and even harder to have a realistic view of your home’s value. Stay open-minded to receive advice and be as objective as possible.


Get your home ready from the tip-top

The first impression is the last impression. Your Realtor is listing your home in front of potential buyers and you want your home to look it’s best. Moreover, to set your home’s price ambitiously, it should look appealing to buyers. Keep these pointers in mind before listing it:

  • Make all needed repairs
  • Clean it until it sparkles
  • Upgrade the paint, carpet and fixtures
  • Fix potential objections a buyer might have


Don’t forget to do a comparative market analysis

Get in touch with a good real estate agent who can help you with a comparative market analysis. The agents gather data from their record of recently sold homes in the local area in your price range. They can provide you with enough data for your home’s comparable list price.


Get close with your agent

You have complete rights to question and understand why your agent pushes a lower price for your property. Agents get an incentive to lower the home market value in order to sell and also make commission, and move on to the next sale.

Beware of market bluff and look for an agent who is more trustworthy. The agent with integrity can balance their needs with yours and suggest to you strategies that work best in your market. Thus, before hiring take recommendations from colleagues and relatives and also interview several to search for a trustworthy one.


Know your competitors

It’s a good idea to surf the internet and make use of online tools that are available for buyers to learn about their own market competitors, no matter if you hired a real estate agent for yourself. This might help you find the competitors that your agent missed and gain expertise in your market. You must pay attention to competing homes similar to your property and how they are different.


Hire an appraiser

An appraiser can assure you more precision than an agent’s market analysis. All you need is to look for a proficient and experienced appraiser to help you determine the market value of your home.


Follow these and similar steps to sell your home for top dollar.

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