8 Reasons to Buy a Home for the Holidays

8 Reasons to Buy a Home for the Holidays

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8 Reasons to Buy a Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is actually a fabulous time to be home buying for a magic toy-sack full of reasons!

You’re probably thinking “packing and moving amidst all the holiday social events and obligations doesn’t sound fun” and guess what? That’s what everyone else is thinking too! Which really makes for a unique set of circumstances.


1- Other Would-Be Buyers Are Staying Home

Many home shoppers postpone their search over the holidays to prioritize other things and restart their home search in the new year. This means less competition for you, fewer offers coming in on houses that you love.


2- Sellers Are Motivated

Fewer people put their homes on the market during the holiday months. So the homes you’re seeing belong to owners who’ve chosen to sell now because of a strong reason: new job, growing family, whatever. They also are going to want to sell in the current year for tax reasons. The combination of fewer offers and more motivation to sell creates a great setting for you as a buyer.


3- Lowest Prices of the Year

For a host of reasons, December historically boasts the lowest prices of the year. Maybe this year will be different, but probably not. December is when fewer people are buying, and sellers are willing to consider offers they might not have in other months.


4- Faster Closing Process on your Home for the Holidays

Everyone involved generally wants to get your home closing done fast. To get it into the closing tax year, to start the new year clean, or so they can get home to dinner with the extended family. December closings happen fast, because that benefits everyone even more than other times of year.


5- More of Your Real Estate Agent’s Attention

Fewer buyers and more eager sellers means that your agent has a larger slice of time in their day to devote to finding you the home of your dreams. Agents are often quite motivated to hit their annual goals too, so they’ll really put in the hustle to find you what you’re looking for before January dawns.


6- Seasonal Sales: Moving Can Mean Buying Things Too

If you’re going to move into a new home, there’s not a better time than when furniture, appliances, decor, and pretty much everything you need is on sale. Whether you’re timed right for the pre-holiday sales, or the post-holiday sales, the things you need will be uniquely affordable around the time you’re setting up in the new house.

7- More Access to Services

Since December is usually a slower month all around, you will have easier access to movers, inspectors, and mortgage brokers. There may even be coupons, rebates, seasonal rates, or other advantages to giving December business to these folks, because they really want it right now.


8- Seeing the House in the Ugliest Season

We might as well admit it, things just aren’t as pretty in the winter in California. Spring inspires confidence and shows off vibrant plantings. Summer is joyful in it’s own way, with fans and air conditioners charming you. And fall has vibrant colors and nostalgic smells to bewitch you. Winter has dead lawns and, well, dead lawns? So you’ll know what he house really looks like, without the additional charms of a beautiful season to confuse you.

If what you really want is the best price, the fastest closing, the most affordable other goods and services, you may want to buy a home for the holidays.

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