A Cleaner Home in 10 Minutes

A Cleaner Home in 10 Minutes

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A Cleaner Home in 10 Minutes

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06 September 2019 | Blog, Uncategorized

After last night’s party, do you find your home to be some kind of garbage dump? From your favorite ping pong table to your bedroom, every single spot is filled with party remains and leftovers beer cans. Cleaning your mess is turning out to be another sequel of “mission impossible.” If this sounds like your home, don’t lose your heart! Here are some things that you can do to achieve a cleaner home in just 10 minutes, and get your life back to it’s routine.

1. Clean-up the trash

Pick up your trash bin, turn on your favorite music, and start cleaning. Start in one room and work your way through the whole house. Also, make your space device and wire-free by putting your electronics back in their designated spot. Move with the beat and try to wind-up as your track ends.

2. Keep your kitchen tidy

Another thing that you can do to make your home presentable is to make sure all dirty dishes and clutter are removed. Put the dishes into the sink and wash them before they start to smell. Also, your cooking space should not only appear clean but also smell nice and aromatic. Consider wiping the counters with scented cleaner to give your kitchen a fresh smell.

3. Let your furniture breathe

Last but certainly not least, along with your guest, your pets might have enjoyed the furniture too. Thus, it’s time to let your couch and chairs breathe. Give a gentle brush to your furniture and vacuum up any animal hair. Spray upholstery cleaner on any lingering stains. Along with the living room furniture, make sure to make your bed and remove any extra clutter left on it.

Now you have unlocked the secret of keeping your home clean in just 10 minutes! Enjoy entertaining guests more now that you know some quick and easy ways to make your home presentable.

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