Add a Container Garden To Increase Patio Charm

Add a Container Garden To Increase Patio Charm

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Add a Container Garden To Increase Patio Charm

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28 March 2019 | Blog

Add some charm and sophistication to your pation by adding a container garden! This is an easy way to increase the green on your patio or a simple way to make a boring porch bright and full of life! Whether sprucing up your home for sale, or settling into a new property, here are some tips on how to create a whimsical container garden:

Pay Attention to Sunlight

Keep track of how much sunlight your proposed growing area gets. Take it into account when selecting plants, and be willing to move plants if they show signs of sunburn or weak lighting. Do some online research on the plants you’re interested in and narrow it down to the ones compatible with available light.

Go To The Plant Nursery

Make a list that includes what plants you want, the additional pots you need for them, and be sure to buy potting soil. At the plant nursery, show your plan to the expert gardener on staff and allow them to make suggestions, if you’re open to it. This shopping trip will set you up for the start of your container garden, which you can always grow, change, and rearrange later.

Make Sure Your Plants Play Nice Together

When choosing plants for the containers, pick ones that work well with each other. This means planting options that all need the same or similar amounts of sunlight or moisture. If you grow plants together that don’t have similar needs, you’ll have to do more work.. Check the plant’s tag when you buy them to see what other plants they share needs with or ask a sales person.

Before Potting: Ensure Proper Drainage

Even though your plants are in pots, you can make sure there’s plenty of drainage. If not, the soil will become too wet and can damage the plant’s roots, causing it to die. Many garden pots don’t have enough drainage holes, so you’ll want to drill or punch your own hole. Or you can buy pots with plenty of drainage, and choose soil carefully so that it drains neither too fast or too slow.

Feed The Plants

Using your research from earlier, plan out how often to fertilize your plants, and with what. Be sure to use the right fertilizer for each type of plant. You may need multiple types of fertilizer in your stash, and some plants will need your attention at different intervals than others. Most gardeners get great pleasure out of giving this individualized care.


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