How Outdoor Lighting Can Benefit Your Home

How Outdoor Lighting Can Benefit Your Home

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How Outdoor Lighting Can Benefit Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home and want top dollar for it, you might want to think about adding outdoor lighting!

Selling Price

Believe it or not, outdoor lighting can really make a difference in your selling price. However, it’s good to know that outdoor lighting generally only increases your sale price if it’s part of a landscaping plan that goes beyond your average bushes. It needs to really shine light on the backyard and its various structural features like fences, garden paths, fire pits, ponds and swimming pools.

Safety & Beauty

When homeowners think about the lighting outside, they mainly consider security and safety. While these are important considerations, lighting can easily be used in your home’s exterior landscape plan to enhance the beauty of the yard as well. Although various lighting on steps, walkways or paths will make the yard feel safe, it will also look better in the eyes of potential buyers. Plus, the light will make dark areas brighter, thus adding another layer to the security feature lights provide.

Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting illuminates your home at night, so that people that drive by see it. It’ll stand out among other houses, which can attract more buyers when you’re ready to sell. A property with a landscaped yard  increases the value of a home from 10% to 20% and can mean multiple offers, driving up your selling price. Think of outdoor lighting as an investment in your home, just as you would a kitchen or bathroom remodel. A total landscape plan is worth the investment when and if you ever want to sell your home!


If you’re not selling, you’ll still be able to enjoy the outdoor lighting. You’ll love sitting outside on warm summer nights, enjoying the views. Thanks to the various outdoor lighting additions you’ll appreciate and love your outdoor space for years to come! Then if you ever move, you’ll feel confident in asking a higher price for your home thanks to a beautifully landscaped &  well lit yard.

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