Are All Realtors Created the Same?

Are All Realtors Created the Same?

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Are All Realtors Created the Same?

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07 April 2018 | Blog

We’ve all seen it, the ads that promise to only charge you 1% or something below the usual prices for a realtor’s commission.  You calculate that you could save thousands of dollars.  Is it worth it?  What about other realtors, how do you differentiate them if their fees are the same.  Here are the questions you should be asking a realtor if you are looking to sell your home in the Bay Area.


What is Provided as Part of Fees?

It is pretty universal that Realtors shall offer their expertise and time to do the actual real estate transaction but what else?  Will they provide staging or is that a separate charge?  What marketing is included?  Will the Realtor take any photos or videos?  How will they attract buyers?


Are You Getting Quality Staging?

I’ve previously spoken about the importance of staging. It can increase the value of a home substantially.  Staging depersonalizes a home so a potential buyer can visualize themselves within that home.  It also makes the house look clean and well maintained.  There are staging companies out there but the quality realtors actually provide you staging as part of their package.  This can be a substantial savings for you while setting up your home for top dollar.


Are They Creating Photos and Videos?

This may sound simple but it isn’t. What type of photography and video does your Realtor provide.  If your Realtor starts taking photos of your home using their phone and claims these will be used for your listing, this should be a huge warning sign.  These are not professional enough of an image and shall not showcase your home well.  You need quality images of your home for sale.  You want it to pop like the food images you see at restaurants.  In addition, the great realtors also provide you with virtual tours of your home, videos, and even drone footage at no additional cost.  Each of these has value as it puts the best version of your home to the public.  Thus, you will get top dollar when you have a home show well and provide the potential buyer with all the tools they need to imagine themselves in the house.


All Realtors Need to Provide Marketing.

Beyond the photos/videos, what does your Realtor do for marketing?  Is it a cheesy flyer?   Do they do any open houses?  How do they get the word out about your property to ensure multiple offers and getting the best price for your property?  These are questions you should be asking.  Some of the better realtors do print ads, social media ads, or a combination thereof.  Others place a flyer on the sale sign and call it a day.

Going with some realtors may seem like a costs savings, but don’t just look at the dollars.  You need to consider what you get for the money.  A realtor, like the Laura Wucher Team, that provides all the different items of staging, photos, videos, and marketing will bring in a high number of interested buyers that will result in top dollar for your home.  Contact us today so we can help you get your home sold for the best price.

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