Bay Area Summer Activities

Bay Area Summer Activities

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Bay Area Summer Activities

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28 July 2018 | Blog

The Bay Area and the East Bay specifically have a wealth of unique activities that you can enjoy all summer! Everyone knows the Bay Area summer offerings include great bars, restaurants, coffee shops, places to hike. But there are some more flavorful options out there too!

The list of unique and interesting options could go on forever, but here are a few to start with:

Home-Grown Roller Derby

Did you know that the SF Bay Area has a collection of wild and fun Roller Derby teams? Well, it does. And they put on quite a show, which is not for the faint of heart. There is shoving and grunting and serious competition going on here. Roller Derby, of course, incorporates a theatrical side that few other sports do. This is certainly a great date-night for sporty or silly grown ups. You can cheer on the Berkeley Resistance, Oakland Outlaws, Richmond Wrecking Belles, or the San Francisco Shevil Dead. Or if you’d rather play than watch, women over 18 can join the Reckless Rollers recreational league.


Bay Area Summer Sailing

Did you know you can take sailing lessons in the bay? Become a member of the Cal Sailing Club which is volunteer-run and launches from Berkeley. Members join for the three-month summer season for lessons, access to the club’s fleet of keelboats and dinghies, and weekly races. Membership dues come in at just under $100 for the summer, but the Club also offers open house events every month, where anyone is welcome to sail for the afternoon.


Connect with the Cosmos

Wouldn’t it be wonderful is there was a world-class observatory here in the East Bay? Lucky you, we Chabot Space Center, which has a huge variety of offerings from planetarium shows to family hikes! There are educational activities abound and memberships available for those who want to keep coming back. And of course, there’s a summer science camp for the kids!


Visit Local History

Did you know In the 1950s and 1960s, America had serious concerns about incoming missiles. The federal government built dozens of “Nike” missile batteries in the seaside hills from the Marin headlands to San Mateo. These launch pads were designed to counter-attack incoming Soviet bombers, and they remain today. They’re now crumbling and unmaintained, sometimes covered in graffiti, but make for great hiking destinations and picnic spots. Berkeley resident Jef Poskanzer has visited and mapped every Bay Area Nike missile site, and says that the most spectacular for day trips are Wolf Ridge in Marin, and Sweeney Ridge in San Mateo.


The Tilden “Grand Slam”

The Tilden “Grand Slam” is a trio of activities that kids love: ride the scaled-down size Tilden Steam Train, the carved wooden horses of the Merry-Go Round, and then visit the Little Farm and kid-centric Nature Center. Be prepared to spend all day at Tilden Park, because there’s plenty to do here.


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