Best House Fixes for the Summer

Best House Fixes for the Summer

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Best House Fixes for the Summer

Summer is all about taking your kitchen to the garden, coming up with new events in the pool and of course doing normal home maintenance. This is when you do the best house fixes.  You can make the best use of warm weather to take stock of winter damage and fix a the areas that were impacted due to storm and harsh weather.

The distinct appearance of your home interior not only gives you soothing effect but it also lures the attention of potential buyers and your local Pleasant hill realtor, if you have put your home for sale. And, the key for a distinct appearance is keeping your home nice, tidy, and in good order.

Here are one-line tips that throw lights on what home maintenance to do in the summer.

Power Wash

By keeping sprayer’s instructions in mind to avoid damage, these give your walkways and home exterior a high-power shower.

Deck and Fence

Check for the signs of moisture or fungus on woods and hire or do your own re-staining of the fence/deck to protect exterior wood from getting destroyed if you find it necessary.


Siding lasts on average about 15 years so keep an eye on wear and tear.  Replacing worn siding is best during the summer.  It is the most suitable time for this home facelift as it’s conducive to outdoor work.


Installing a ceiling fan will provide energy-efficient cooling so potential buyers or guests are comfortable when visiting your home.


This is the time of the year to address the kitchen.  From a leaky faucet to broken tiles, these can be fixed and repaired during the warm months. In addition, you can look into extending the kitchen into the outdoors with a patio grill and sink.  This allows for you to entertain guests in a whole new atmosphere.


The harsh winters can damage your driveways and paved areas.  You will notice cracks and breaks.  This is the time to either do new concrete or install a concrete overlay.

These are just a handful of areas to address during the summer months but do not hesitate to reach out to your local Pleasant Hill realtor to identify the best house fixes by calling the Laura Wucher Team.


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