Best Places to Eat in Pleasant Hill

Best Places to Eat in Pleasant Hill

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Best Places to Eat in Pleasant Hill

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21 February 2019 | Blog

Pleasant Hill is home to a lot of good restaurants and that number is gradually increasing. From homey Chinese noodles to spicy grilled chicken, there is an option for pretty much every midday craving.


Following are some of the best restaurants in Pleasant Hill:


Jack’s Restaurant & Bar

Located in Downtown Pleasant Hill, Jack’s Restaurant & Bar offers mouthwatering food in an upscale, comfy environment. You can order spaghetti carbonara, coconut shrimp, tasty cheesecake, breakfast favorites, espresso and more. If you like, you can start your meal with wine, craft beer, or draft beer.  Jack’s Restaurant & Bar is a good choice for a family dinner thanks to its homey atmosphere. Prices are attractive and the place is quite famous for its excellent service.


Melo’s Pizza & Pasta

Melo’s Pizza & Pasta is one of the best Italian restaurants in Pleasant Hill, CA. Originally from southern Italy in Calabria, owners Carmelo and Gaetano Piccolo were brought up on simple, rustic meals created with the best ingredients in the area. The restaurant specializes in  margherita pizza as well as appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and more. Everyone can find something to enjoy eating here. All dishes are made with the best, freshest, and the most wholesome ingredients.


Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

The chef at Zachary’s Chicago Pizza creates delicious Chicago-style pizza, stuffed pizza, and Caesar salads. You can enjoy a good wine or delicious beer here, too. In the evening, there is often live music. The energetic staff at Zachary’s is welcoming, and the setting is cozy. Above all, the pizza is great.


Giant Chef Burger 

Giant Chef Burger will please you with classics like tasty chicken fried steaks, bacon cheeseburgers, and baked potatoes. They’re open almost all the time, and famous for midnight snacks, breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Even more than that, it’s famous for being cash-only. So bring cash or don’t go.


Wence’s Restaurant

Wence’s Restaurant has been called “Pleasant Hill’s Best Restaurant” more than a few times. This is up-scale dining, with a menu to die for. Wence’s offers a selection of specialty cocktails you won’t find anywhere else and menu items like Sautéed Black Mussels, Lobster Tacos, and Truffled Macaroni and Cheese.


Finding amazing restaurants in Pleasant Hill is certainly easy to do. This area is gracefully growing and attracting homeowners and talented restaurateurs in the process. If you haven’t spent much time in Pleasant Hill, now might be a great time to change that!

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