Creating a Cozy Sleep Cave

Creating a Cozy Sleep Cave

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Creating a Cozy Sleep Cave

Getting eight hours of cozy sleep every night is important for quality of life. A good night’s rest improves your physical health, helps you learn better, gives you more energy, makes you less irritable, evens out moods, and more.

That’s why creating a cozy sleep cave is invaluable. You want a sanctuary where you can go to escape all the stresses of your day, relax, and unwind. That space should be serene, comfortable, and simple.

Following are some tips you can follow in order to create your ideal cozy sleep cave:

Do a Bedroom Declutter

If you walk into your bedroom and are greeted by clutter and chaos, it’s not going to do much good for your stress levels. Even “decor” that feels chaotic or unnecessary can go. Decluttering and organizing are the most impactful things you can do to make your sleeping space feel more cozy and relaxing. 

Bring Nature Inside

Bringing a bit of nature into your sleeping space is key to creating a cozy environment. Not only do plants improve the quality of air in your room, but they also promote a feeling of relaxation. You can also bring in other natural elements like stone, leather, wood, or a nature soundtrack.

Soft and Cozy Sleep Bedding

Take proper care of your bedding if you want to achieve maximum coziness in your sleeping sanctuary. Everyone loves the amazing feel of high thread count sheets or blankets, so buy top quality. By taking care of them, you can make that feeling last. 

Use Soft Lighting

Overhead lighting can be irritating and harsh on eyes. For the bedroom, move away from bluish lighting, and opt for warm colored light. Choose soft candlelight, a nightlight, or dimmable lamps instead. Limit electronics close to bedtime, since they can keep you from getting the best rest.

It’s All About Pillows

Try out various pillow shapes, sizes, densities, and contents to find the one that accommodates your sleep style best. If you have neck or back problems, you might try a memory foam pillow. And if you sleep on your side, try body pillows or a side-sleep pillow. There are pillows designed to stay cool, to mold to you, or to let you sink into them. Having the right pillow can be the difference between sleeping on clouds and the feeling of sleeping on a pile of laundry.

Choose the Right Mattress

Having the right mattress for you is central to your sleep quality. Having the wrong mattress can mean pain and aches, posture issues, and poor sleep. Different mattresses work for different people. Choose the one that properly supports your back, neck, and head to keep your spine properly aligned while you sleep.

Colors Count

Our minds are affected by colors, which is why the hue of the lights in your bedroom matters. But the other colors in the room matter too. Colors in the cool range (purple, blue, green) work best for sleepy spaces, but neutrals can be good too (grey, white, beige). What does not generally work well for bedrooms is warm colors (orange, red, yellow) because they wake us up and give us energy. So take the time to change any warm colors in the room to cool and you’ll find yourself sleeping better right away.

Following these tips should get you the slumber chamber you’ve always wanted. Of course, if it doesn’t, you can always find a new bedroom with the Laura Wucher Real Estate Team.

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