Does ‘Staging’ Make A Difference to a Home’s Sale Price? 

Does ‘Staging’ Make A Difference to a Home’s Sale Price? 

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Does ‘Staging’ Make A Difference to a Home’s Sale Price? 

When it comes to selling your home, you want to employ every trick of the trade to ensure your property sells as quickly, and for as much as possible.

Does Walnut Creek home staging work?

Many real estate agents recommend ‘staging’ a home, to improve its appearance and add to its perceived value. ‘Staging’ is believed to help attract buyers and increase a home’s perceived value. But what exactly is staging and does it really contribute to better home sales results, in Walnut Creek and surrounding areas? Here we take a closer look at the process of staging and how it could benefit your property.

What Is Staging?

Staging is the process of presenting the best side of your home in preparation for its sale. As opposed to remodeling, staging usually involves making minor cosmetic changes and improvements to make a home look more attractive and inviting. This could include a fresh coat of paint, new light fittings, attractive hired furnishings, accessories, and artwork. Staging is usually provided by a professional home stager following an individualized consultation. Staging won’t conceal a home’s flaws, but it can help provide the best vision of what living in a home could be like.

Your home can be staged according to a range of different style and décor choices. Your Walnut Creek home staging professional can even work with you to focus on your target market’s taste, or to choose a style that uniquely suits and highlights your home design.

Benefits of Staging

Staging has many benefits, including –

  • Refreshing your home and adding perceived value.
  • Facilitating better marketing photos that will help draw more interest and potential buyers to your home.
  • Helps potential buyers envision their lives in the home and shows off the homes full potential.
  • Can help to make a home appear more stylish, modern and spacious.

Will Walnut Creek Home Staging Help You Sell?

Anecdotal reports from home sellers, particularly in the Bay Area, indicate that staging can help to make a home get more attention. It might sell faster, and even sell for a higher price. A study in 2013 showed homes at comparative price points that were staged with attractive furniture and decorations sold in 22 days. That’s less than a fifth of the average on market time of 125 days.

It seems that staging alone may not be enough to significantly alter sale price over a range of properties. But some home sellers report reviewing offers for tens of thousands of dollars over the asking price for staged properties. Bay Area and Walnut Creek home staging experts and real estate agents have particularly noticed that staging a home contributes to better marketing photos and therefore greater interest in the property. This can help to indirectly improve sales price. The real benefits come in getting the home sold and off the market quicker. This also reduces costs and risks for the seller. With so many potential benefits, staging can be an ideal tool for helping your home sell quicker while saving you money.

Staging can provide a boost to your home selling process. Talk to our real estate agents today about free staging included when you sell your home with Laura Wucher.

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