Fall Decoration Ideas

Fall Decoration Ideas

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Fall Decoration Ideas

As the leaves begin to fall, it’s time to start organizing the house for the holiday season and welcome fall in all its glory with open arms. You don’t even have to leave your house to do so! Decorate your home with our fall decoration ideas.


Greet the season at your front door

Embrace the colors of nature by decorating your front door with autumn decor. You can start with a small nod to the season by adding a leafy or floral wreath on your front door. Celebrate the different fall shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown with a full display on your porch — arrange flower bunches special for the season, swap out plant pots and vases for specific autumn colors, and place pumpkins of every color on your entrance steps or next to a green plant on a porch bench for an eye-catching greeting.


Add a pop of fall color

As the temperatures start to fall, bring out the fall colored blankets to place on the couch or in adjacent baskets. Complimenting fall-colored pillows will complete any cozy niche for you cuddle up and enjoy a good book. It doesn’t take a lot to get your home into the fall spirit! A dazzling pop of color, like a vase of fall leaves or potpourri, does a lot to warm up everyday decorations. A relaxed throw and bowl of pasty pumpkins further the feel. Get the warm colors of fall into your home with these beautiful and effortless decorating projects.


Dress up your front porch with fall inspiration

Use tall corn stalks or straw to wrap around entrance porch columns and mailboxes. Use chunky colored ribbon in deep oranges to contrast with the straw. Use these same supplies with lanyards or garland around your front door and entrance.


Cozy up your dining table

Plaid is an all-time excellent idea when the climate turns cool—even in the dining room! Use decorative placemats or tablecloths over a dining table to create a cozy tablescape.


Liven up your outdoor space

Don’t keep your backyard out of the enjoyment! Fill your potted plants with autumn colored blooms; they’ll surely make a statement during an outside soiree.


Hang heavier drapery and curtains

Now that the cooler temperature is settling in, prepare your home by replacing the lighter fabrics for heavier ones. Deeper colors and heavier material will feel warmer and keep more cold air out of the room. Shifting to fall shades to match your decoration will bring immediate color from floor to ceiling.

Now that you know these fall decoration ideas, try it out yourself and enjoy the fall season with your family and friends. For help finding the perfect home to decorate for the season, reach out to the Laura Wucher Team.

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