5 Top Fall Home Maintenance Projects

5 Top Fall Home Maintenance Projects

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5 Top Fall Home Maintenance Projects

Now is the time to complete those pesky fall home maintenance projects that show up annually on your to-do list. Nights have turned cooler, long sleeves and tall boots are here, and football is back on TV. Fall is here, and with it come new tasks for your home.

As the sunshiny days of summer give way to the bright gold and reds of fall, it is easy to enjoy the beautiful transition, lay back and relax. Unfortunately putting off essential fall home maintenance projects until the chilly winter months can not only cause a lot of difficulties, but can be costly as well. To avoid all the headaches brought by delayed maintenance, do these fall home maintenance projects now, to keep your home comfortable and functional all year round. 

Fall Home Maintenance Tasks to Be Sure to Do This Year


Especially if you’ve skipped a year or two!

1. Home Inspection


The best possible start to your set of home improvement projects for fail is to thorough home inspection. You can do this yourself, or hire a competent contractor or other qualified professional to handle it for you. Doing this step can initially cost some time or money, but the results will prove to be more than your dollars’ worth. By knowing which areas need repair and other improvements, you are saved from the costs and troubles that snowballed home damage can bring.

2. Call the Chimney Sweep


If your home has a fireplace, this may be the most important advice we can give you. Annual maintenance is extremely important when using a fireplace. Make sure that your Chimney Sweep does a thorough cleaning and inspection. If neglected, you’re at higher risk for house fires and fallen chimneys, which are too serious to safely discount.

3. Repair Your Roof


Though this project counts as home maintenance, it’s also a great home improvement that can boost the value of your home. Start by replacing any missing or loose shingles in advance of the first snow. If you have any leaks or gaps, snow and ice will find its way in. Next, examine your roof or hire a licensed professional to inspect it. If you have to replace it, choose a shingle that performs well in the area in which you live. 

4. Paint The Outside Of Your Home


Now that the heat has subsided a bit, it’s a great time to work on some outdoor projects, including any painting that needs to be done on the outside of your home. Whether it’s touching up or refreshing shutters, or tackling larger jobs like siding, the cooler temps make this an ideal task.

5. Clean Your Gutters


Those falling autumn leaves can cause big problems for you this winter if you don’t get them out of your gutters now. Clogged gutters can cause roof and wall leaks, peeling paint, wood rot, and damage to the gutters themselves that can be difficult to repair. Whether you do the job yourself or hire help, don’t skip it.

Although summer can sometimes drag on, colder weather is just around the corner. Cross these tasks off your list to keep your home in good shape during the winter months.

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