Features Your Cat Wants in a New House

Features Your Cat Wants in a New House

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Features Your Cat Wants in a New House

Searching for a new home can be daunting, to say the least. There is usually a whole human family’s preferences to consider. Bring a cat into the mix, and things can get even tougher.

However, because every cat owner wants what’s best for their pet, there are a few things you can be looking for when you’re selecting your next house.

Here are the features that your car wants in a new house.

Deep Window Sills

All cat owners understand their pets love to be philosophical and enjoy deep thought. Jokes apart, your cat will love deep window sills because they can use them for perching. Cats don’t necessarily need to look outside but will instead perch on window sills for relaxing or catching a snooze in the sunlight. So, when house hunting, look for this essential feature to make your cat feel home.

Floor Length Windows

We’ve already established the fact that cats love to watch what’s happening outside. Now while it’s not possible for you to let them out every time they want to, you can look for a house with floor length windows, so it becomes easier for them to look outside from the ground. This way, they can enjoy the outdoors, while staying safely indoors.

Hard Floors

Another important feature that cat owners should look for is hard floors. Hard floors are recommended because they make cleaning and collecting fur so much easier. Instead of fur matting into carpets, it you can just sweep or vacuum the floor to get all the fur and kitty hair.


Another way to make sure your feline is happy with their surrounding is to look for a house that has a sunroom or enclosed porch. However, because we understand that this is not always a possibility especially if you’re looking for an affordable place, you can stick to looking for floor length windows. Remember, the purpose is to give them a place where they can look outside and not feel contained inside the house.

Closet with Cat Door

This is an essential you cannot miss out on. Unless you want to look at a litter box in your family living spaces, you need to have a proper space for kitty privacy. That is why it is recommended that you choose a home has a closet with a cat door, or a closet in a common space where you can install one. Then you can set up the litter box there, and space your family from seeing private cat moments.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a great addition to a home because they don’t just increase the house’s aesthetic value, but also provide a great viewing spot for both you and your pet. However, if this is a feature you’re looking for, then know that in some areas, these can be hard to find.

So, there you go, if you’re looking for real estate and have a cat too, these are the characteristics you should be looking for in your new home.

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