February 2017 Newsletter

February 2017 Newsletter

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February 2017 Newsletter

Listing of the Month: 1465 Fieldcrest Circle Pleasant Hill

February is here! With Lunar New Year, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Oscars and Mardis Gras celebrations happening this month, we hope to connect with you in person soon.

real trends: The Rising Rate of Interest

You have probably heard predictions that interest rates are expected to begin to increase over the next year. This will have a direct impact on our housing market.

How This Works 
An increase in interest rates increases the mortgage payment on a given loan amount.  A person who can only afford a certain payment will find the loan amount they can handle goes down as interest rates rise. Thus, the price they can pay for a home shrinks as interest rates increase.

How This Affects You
Buying a home: A 1% rate increase reduces the amount of a home a buyer can purchase by about $11,000 per $100,000.  In other words, if a buyer could normally afford the payments on a $500,000 house and rates jump 1%, those same payments would now only buy a $445,000 home ($11,000 x 5 = $55,000 reduction).

Rising Real Estate Interest Rates Graph

Selling a home: In the same way, increased interest rates mean decreased buying power resulting in fewer buyers able and qualified to purchase your home.  This may potentially put downward pressure on certain housing markets. You should consider acting now while there are many buyers taking advantage of the current markets’ low rates!

Want to learn more? Call Laura today and let’s talk real estate!

East Bay Lifestyle + Leisure

St Patrick's Day party, 3.16.17

Join us on Thursday, March 16 from 6-9pm at Jack's Restaurant in Pleasant HIll. Appetizers, beer and wine will be served. RSVP to Nancy Cowles at [email protected]

Contra Costa County Events


Sunday, February 12
Hidden Valley Park, Martinez
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Fruit Trees 101 event, property owner info, tree


Thursday, February 16
Rodgers Ranch Heritage Center, PH
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Foodie Epicurean Feast Event


Tuesday, February 14
Artisan Bistro, Lafayette
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Community Awards Night, great neighborhoods to buy a house


Tuesday, February 21
Pleasant Hill Community Center
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farmers market, real estate market, buying a home

Gather with community, friendly farmers and artisan purveyors for locally sourced food

Who you work with matters, Laura Wucher Real Estate Team

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