Does A Good Listing Agent Really Make A Difference?

Does A Good Listing Agent Really Make A Difference?

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Does A Good Listing Agent Really Make A Difference?

When it comes to selling a house, your listing agent provides essential assistance to make the sale easier and more profitable for you. But are all listing agents equal, all providing the same service of listing and promoting your home? They are certainly not, and here we look at how a really good listing agent can make a significant difference to the home selling process.

A Good Listing Agent Prices The Home Right

An experienced and knowledgeable listing agent will know how to price your home correctly according to its value and current market conditions. It’s essential to get a price for your home that you like, while also ensuring your home doesn’t stay too long on the market without being sold. Pricing a home right is one of a listing agent’s most valuable skills. Your agent will know the previous sales prices and time spent on the market for homes like yours.

They Market Your Home to Agents

A good listing agent advertises your home and actively markets it to other agents. They have connections, networks, and tools that help spread your listing far and wide. The more agents see your listing, the more potential buyers, and the better outcome for you.

A Good Listing Agent Also Markets Your Home to Public

Of course, your listing agent’s job is also to market your property to the public. They should take high quality, professional photos that highlight the best of your property, and put your listing across every available marketing service, not just the Multiple Listing Services. A great agent may include marketing on their social media, Facebook page, and more for optimal exposure.

Provides Professional Service and Communication

A good listing agent goes above and beyond to provide a professional service that meets your needs and the needs of interested buyers and agents. Your listing agent should be there to answer questions about the property or home buying process from any potential buyers or buyer’s agents. And your listing agent must communicate well with you. Do they respond to your calls, emails or messages in a timely manner? Do you feel they understand your priorities and goals? This is important to assess before committing to an agent.

Advises You The Best Way to ‘Show’ Your House

A good listing agent can also provide you with assistance and advice on how to show your home. Some of the best agents provided free home staging to help your home look better for photos and inspections, and therefore sell more quickly.

Negotiate the Best Outcome For You

A good listing agent is your representative in the home selling process. They assess potential buyers thoroughly and negotiate the best terms with buyers’ agents to ensure you get the result you want.

They Get You Better Exposure

The role of the listing agent is to market your listing as far and wide as possible. The more influence, connections, and resources your listing agent has, the better they are able to promote your home.

By checking for these qualities, you can get the best listing agent for your home sale and achieve the ideal outcome when selling your home. Contact the Laura Wucher Team today to get answers to your questions.

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