Hiking around the East Bay

Hiking around the East Bay

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Hiking around the East Bay

Posted by Bill Cory
15 March 2018 | Blog

Buying a home in the East Bay has many advantages. Most of the homes from Pleasant Hill to Danville to Lafayette have a short commute into the City. These East Bay homes also provide more bang for the buck than a home in the City. You can get multiple bedrooms and a yard for less than homes in the City. The school system and shopping areas are expansive. Lastly and a big reason people buy a home in the East Bay is the outdoor opportunities particularly the many East Bay hiking trails.

Mount Diablo

One of the most prominent and often cited hiking areas is Mount Diablo. The peak has some tremendous view but it also carries with it numerous hiking trails. Some are only a couple miles while others can be a whole day trek.

Inspiration Point – Tilden Park

Speaking of views, a person has not seen a more beautiful view of the Bay Area until they’ve gone to Inspiration Point at Tilden Park. This sits on the hill in between Berkeley and Orinda. On a clear day, the entire Bay Area is visible including an amazing view of both majestic bridges and the City.

Lake Chabot Loop

Another great hiking/biking trail in the East Bay is at Lake Chabot loop. This trail is paved and runs several miles. There are areas along the way to see eagles and other wildlife. Just watch the signage as portions of the trail are hard to follow.

Iron Horse Trail

Thanks to some smart planning, the East Bay cities coordinated efforts to preserve the bulk of the Iron Horse Trail. This runs from Pleasanton all the way to Concord. You can bike or run most of it without issue. Stop along the way as you will pass by some amazing food and shopping areas.

The above is just a small sampling of the opportunities in the East Bay. If you want to look to live closer to these amazing trails by buying a home in Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Martinez, Danville, Walnut Creek, or anywhere else in the East Bay then contact the Laura Wucher Team at (925) 595-8047.

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