Hobby Photography in the East Bay Area

Hobby Photography in the East Bay Area

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Hobby Photography in the East Bay Area

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14 June 2018 | Blog

All over the country, little niches of enthusiasts gather to focus on common hobbies. Seattle has coffee. Wisconsin has cheese. Hollywood has movies. And among other things, the East Bay has photography.

Why photography?

The East Bay Area is uniquely attractive to photographers because it has amazing nature, beautiful architecture, plentiful public art and cultural events, is a car ride from graffiti art and abandoned industrial locations, is near water and mountains, and we have great weather to be out shooting year round.

Many East Bay photographers are lone wolves, but there are also groups of people who get together to capture great shots together. The meetup.com group East Bay Photo Walkers boasts 1089 members as I write. They choose a compelling place to walk together for a mile or two and capture the best of the views, and then share them in their own group albums. The pictures they’ve uploaded are a beautiful array of different styles and subjects.

Pleasant Hill and Dublin both host photography lessons lead by Mike’s Camera, from beginner to advanced. Photography is a great hobby for East Bay residents for many reasons, including that a person can get started with nothing fancier than a smartphone. You’ll find that many hobby photographers actually have very powerful manual cameras too. Occasionally, there’s even a polaroid instant camera photographer out getting great shots at the Iron Horse trail in Danville or at the Walnut Creek BART station. This hobby welcomes many kinds of equipment and styles.

East Bay Art

The San Francisco East Bay area is full of artists and beauty. The wider bay area has an abundance of quirky flavor, beautiful structures, unique events like Camp Tipsy and the Blackhawk Cars and Coffee event. All this artsy Bay flavor bring a huge variety of unique images to capture! You just couldn’t get all this anywhere else.


Image by Kace Rodriguez


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Photo by Nathan Dumlao


Photograph by Edgar Chaparro


Photo by Mateus Peixoto

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