Home Staging to Maximize Sales Price

Home Staging to Maximize Sales Price

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Home Staging to Maximize Sales Price

14 February 2020 | Blog, Selling your Home

Great home staging visually helps potential buyers imagine themselves living in the home, cooking waffles on Sunday morning or planting roses by the mailbox. Staging evokes an emotional appeal that creates a mood and highlights a property’s best features. It is vital for Sellers in today’s market to understand the benefits and costs of professional home staging.

Standing Out from the Competition Online

When marketing your home, you have one chance to make a great first impression. Buyers look online first when selecting the homes they wish to see in person and professional staging and great photography create the WOW factor buyers crave. Staged homes present better online and have a warm, stylish look that appeals to the widest array of potential homebuyers. Making sure your home is ready for its glamour shots is one of the most proactive things a seller can do.

Before home staging vs. after:

467 Roanoke Dr, Before Home Staging, Home Staging 467 Roanoke Dr, After Home Staging, Home Staging

467 Roanoke Dr, Before Home Staging, Home Staging 467 Roanoke Dr, After Home Staging, Home Staging


Shorter Time on the Market and Higher Sales Price

Great staging also allows for the widest array of homebuyers to imagine themselves living in the home and creates an alluring, welcoming ambiance. These homes may be likely to generate multiple offers and spend fewer days on the market, which potentially translates into a higher sales price. Because staged homes are perceived to be better maintained than un-staged homes, staged homes often receive higher appraised values.

The Cost of Staging

In general, the cost of staging can vary widely from home to home. Are the Sellers living in the home? If so, existing furniture is often used and enhanced with art and pillows. Is the home vacant? If so, more furnishings and decorative items are needed to recreate
the sense of home. Are all rooms being staged or just the main living spaces? What is the quality of the staging and furniture used? And most importantly, does your realtor pay for the staging or do they pass the cost on to their client? Some realtors offer to reimburse the homeowner for the cost of staging if, and when, the home sells. However, if the home does not sell, the homeowner is left footing the staging bill. Other realtors might increase their commission to cover staging cost or may choose to partially stage the home. In many cases, your home is your most valuable asset, so it pays to do your research! Visit potential agent’s current listings in person to see the quality of the home’s
presentation. Check out their online listings, because today’s home buyers expect the trendsetting presentations they see on HGTV.

Learn More About Laura’s Complimentary Staging

Today’s home sellers want to maximize their sales price and not leave any money on the table. The bottom line is staged homes have a distinct market advantage, appeal to a broader range of buyers, and give the sense of being well-maintained. Ultimately,
staging can help maximize sales price and ensure a smoother home sale. In today’s competitive market, staging really does make a difference.
To find out more about our complimentary staging, please contact the Laura Wucher Real Estate Team at (925) 595-8047.

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