How Pleasant Hill Businesses Have Adapted for Shelter in Place

How Pleasant Hill Businesses Have Adapted for Shelter in Place

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How Pleasant Hill Businesses Have Adapted for Shelter in Place

The first stay at home order to affect Pleasant Hill businesses was released on March 16th and ran until April 7th. Residents were encouraged to shelter in their homes, and all non-essential companies were required to close. This order was later updated on March 31st and extended to May 3rd. Employees of essential Pleasant Hill businesses who were able to work from home were encouraged to do so. Here’s a look at how Pleasant Hill businesses are coping in these difficult times. 

Modifying the Way we do Business in the Bay

The next adjustment was made on April 29th and extended to May 31st. Construction work could resume, and childcare for children of essential workers or outdoor business employees could continue. During this time, restaurants that could provide carryout and delivery services were allowed to remain open as well.

The latest order was released on May 18th and remains in effect until May 31st, unless otherwise updated. Under this order, retail stores were allowed to reopen on May 19th if they offered curbside sales or pickups and maintain social distancing protocols.

Pleasant Hill Businesses Cope with Change

In April, several restaurants in the area were robbed during hours they usually would have been open. Additionally, some businesses were forced to let go of staff due to closure, or limited hours.

However, several Pleasant Hill businesses were allowed to reopen on May 19th if they offered curbside services, including bookstores and clothing shops. It’s been a big adjustment for business owners, but they’re prepared to do what’s required to keep their businesses afloat. Some have switched to online-only sales during the stay home order, while others have opted not to reopen, continuing to handle business online.

The number of positive COVID cases is decreasing in the area, but state and county health officials remain cautious. They’re slowly moving forward with plans to reopen to Bay Area. Most of the state is in Phase 2. It’s currently unclear when Pleasant Hill business can begin moving toward Phase 3.

What’s to Come for Pleasant Hill Businesses?

Unfortunately, a number of brick and mortar businesses have had to close, or are in danger of closing. But other companies have found ways to transition online, or modify their sales process. Many businesses have relied on Internet sales to get them through this time.

Several libraries in the area are gearing up to provide a front door pick-up and drop-off service in June, allowing patrons to access reserved books. Some businesses are offering special discounts and promotions, while other business owners have even forgone their own paychecks to pay employees, and keep their businesses afloat.

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