How to Find the Right East Bay Realtor

How to Find the Right East Bay Realtor

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How to Find the Right East Bay Realtor

If you’re in the process of house hunting in the East Bay, or if you’re interested in selling your home, read on for tips to help you find a reputable East Bay Area realtor.

Search Online Listings

With everything online these days, your first step should be to browse some listings to see which agents are in demand. Learn more about local agents who represent the kind of properties you’re interested in.

It’s worth researching listings to see who successfully sells homes in a short span of time, as opposed to realtors who have the same properties listed for months on end. If a realtor has several properties that have been listed for over six months, keep searching for another realtor.

A Realtor You Trust

Once you have a short list of potential East Bay Area realtors, call each one to discuss the type of home you’re looking to buy. Or, the process of selling your house in the East Bay. This initial phone call should offer an indication of which realtors are most knowledgeable and willingly to carefully listen to your questions.

An East Bay Area Realtor With Experience

You can’t go wrong in selecting an East Bay Area realtor who has an extensive background in the industry. If a realtor has established a glowing reputation in the East Bay, they’ll have a higher likelihood of being asked to sell some of the most desirable, exclusive homes in the area.

Unbiased Reviews

It’s a good idea to spend some time reading unbiased, honest reviews on each realtor from your short list. If an East Bay Area realtor has excellent reviews, it’s probably worth contacting them to learn more. Of course, you can also ask your friends, family members, or colleagues for recommendations if they live in the Bay Area.

Take a Drive Around the East Bay

When you drive around the East Bay, you’ll notice signs for realtors who are currently showing homes. Check out the streets you’re most interested in buying a house on. As an example, you may find that a particular realtor currently offers numerous properties in your most desired neighborhood.

View Some Homes

If you’d prefer to meet an East Bay Area realtor in person, it’s a great idea to attend some viewings, although many offices will be offering virtual sessions during the coronavirus.

Bay Area Listings

If you’re interested in East Bay real estate, make sure to use the tips mentioned above to help you find the best realtor. For questions, contact the Laura Wucher Real Estate Team at (925) 595-8047, or fill out this easy contact form by clicking here.

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