How to Make the Best Offer on a Home

How to Make the Best Offer on a Home

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How to Make the Best Offer on a Home

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07 February 2019 | Blog

Making an offer on a home you want to buy is not an easy thing. There are considerations like whether your offer is too high or too low, you have a good financing option, and more. Making an offer on a house is so important in securing your dream home.

Follow these tips to make your offer the best one:

Making a Great Offer on a Great House

Obviously, your offer should be as good as your dream home. But not beyond your budget. Tell your agent your budget and the price range you’re most interested in.

Avoid making an offer that’s too low. Keep in mind that the seller wants to earn maximum profit on their property and an excessively low offer can stop negotiations. Few people will spend time trying to sell their home to someone that doesn’t believe it to be valuable.


Be as Specific as Possible

When making an offer on a house, you should be as specific as possible. Do not assume that things such as appliances are included, unless you’ve included them in your offer. Offers on homes can include appliances, fixtures, custom rugs, or anything else the seller agrees to. Of course, the seller has the right to make a counter offer or refuse the offer altogether. This can lead to a few counter offers as both parties work out what is acceptable.


Financing is a Big Thing

Choose financing that works for you, and have that handled before making an offer. This shows the seller that you’ll be able to pay for the property without any issues. It’s a win-win situation because any financial concerns you or the seller might have are already resolved.


Avoid Contingencies

It’s not uncommon for an offering on a home to include a contingency, or a clause that specifies that the sale will only go forward if/when the buyers previous home sells. Although offers that include contingencies are often accepted, an offer that has no contingiences is ideal. It keeps the transaction simple and reliable.

The best offer doesn’t need to have the most expensive price tag, but it should be generous enough to catch the seller’s attention.

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