How to Market Your Home for Sale

How to Market Your Home for Sale

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How to Market Your Home for Sale

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28 February 2019 | Blog

Marketing your home to sell for top dollar is always the goal. You need to do your best to make it look welcoming and attractive. Before you get a buyer, you’ll need visitors- people must come see your property. Basically, you are showing your home off to the entire world.

Following are some things you can do to market your home to sell for top dollar:


List Your Home on Websites

People look for their next home on the internet before contacting sellers or agents about viewings. So, if you want to market your home, you need an online presence for it. Be sure that your realtor creates a dedicated page for your home on their website.

There are also many listing sites like Zillo, Trulia, Redfin and more. Some of these websites are free while others charge a small amount. You can list your home yourself or ask your realtor to do it for you. If you do list it yourself, be sure that the information you post agrees with the information your realtor has.


Distribute Fliers or Postcards

Small scale advertising materials such as postcards and fliers can go a long way in helping you market your home effectively and sell it for top dollar. Make postcards and fliers as attractive and detailed as possible. You never know how far they are going to go.

If you choose to send postcards through the mail, be sure to use a mailing list that includes potential buyers or routes to them, like real estate agents, home shoppers, and even investors. Include a web address with information about your home so they can find out more.


Highlight the Lawn Sign

A quality realtor will be sure to put a lawn sign in front of your home to announce it’s availability on the market. If that doesn’t happen, you can purchase your own lawn sign and put in up.

Whether the sign in your lawn was provided to you or by you, make it look great! A cluster or potted flowers around the sign, balloons tied to the post, or other pop of color can be great. Just make sure not to block the sign’s visibility.


Arrange Open Houses

Another way to market your home is to arrange your life to fit in as much Open House time as possible. Invite friends and neighbors to come take a tour, they may know someone who wants to buy a house. During open houses, invite friends to stop by so there’s some traffic, a happening vibe. Bake cookies or do other nice gestures for guests.

Putting in your effort to market your home can be very rewarding. Working with your realtor, you can

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