Impact of Staging in the Sale of a home

Impact of Staging in the Sale of a home

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Impact of Staging in the Sale of a home

A properly staged home puts a strong impression on buyers.  The impact of staging is that it makes buyers feel like the home is “move-in ready”. Sellers get a special advantage to make their home more appealing when photographed for viewing online. Home staging is a small but result-oriented investment.  It also impacts the ability for a potential buyer to visualize themselves in the home.

According to a study conducted by Real Estate Staging Association in the year 2007 on a group of vacant homes; they found staged properties sold out much faster than the ones marketed before.

Here are some simple yet effective tips for staging a home for sale:

Personal Items

First, it is advised to remove your personal items that make the home appear crowded and distract the buyers by putting their focus on you. It will surely make the buyer comment on your last family trip rather than on your kitchen or bathroom.

Reduce Furniture

To enhance the look of a room or make it look larger while staging a home, the furnishings are rearranged to reduce clutter. For those who have too much furniture, this can mean the rental of a storage building.

Fresh Furniture Styles

The stager will also provide rental furniture to you for a new or unoccupied home that makes the home look more livable and stylish. Buyers find it hard to get an idea of what would fit where and envision furniture of their new home. Also, they generally create large open spaces.


Last but not least, while home staging you can even place televisions and computers in the home to make it seem more hospitable. This will further help the buyers to imagine how to rearrange their belonging in each room, thereby reducing their workload.

Hope the above information gives you a clear picture of the impact of staging and its impact. If you want staging with the next time you sell your home, contact the Laura Wucher Team to help sell your home at top value as staging is always included.

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