Making your Home Green

Making your Home Green

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Making your Home Green


Climate change, energy conversation, going green: these are the buzz words that have triggered many of us to reevaluate what we do in our homes.  Most people want to contribute to conserving the environment.  Everyone wants to find a way to save on their monthly utility bills. Once you buy a home, there are many things you can do to make a difference.  These are five environmentally friendly changes you can make in your home:


Insulation for an Eco Friendly home

Insulation within a home can have a huge impact on your energy use.  Many individuals think that this is always insulation on the roof or outer walls. However, if you can insulate the interior walls, especially when you do remodels, this can keep both the heat or cold inside during as needed.


Seal Gaps Around Windows & Doors

This is particularly important for older Bay Area homes. Older homes tend to have more gaps around windows and doors, which can add up.  You have the indoor heat from a cold winter’s day or the air conditioning from a summer’s day seeping out the gaps becoming wasted energy and money. Some East Bay homes see this even more in the extreme cold days.  Sealing the gaps will keep the air in and conserve energy all while saving you money each month. Depending on their age, some homes may need the windows to be updated to dual pane glass. Danville and Alamo have a large amount of older homes so if you are buying a home in Danville or Alamo this may be something that you want to take into consideration and budget for at the time of purchase.


Window Tinting

Similar to insulation, window tinting can help keep the cool temperatures in the building during the summer months.  This would reduce the use of air conditioners and bring your energy use and costs down.


Using LED Lights

While these first two list items could be expensive or complicated, this is one of the changes that can be done by anyone.  Switch all your lightbulbs to LED.  They can save you up to 75% on energy costs while lasting you longer than a conventional bulb.  Whether you live in Pleasant Hill, Martinez, or Walnut Creek, when you buy a home, take a moment to save energy and the environment by making this easy switch.


Stop the Leaks

When you are buying a home or if you own a home, you may find a leaky faucet.  This may be visible or it may be hidden.  Check your water bill for sudden increases in cost.  Even if this may seem minor, it is important not to let it go.  The problem could lead to a much bigger issue with substantial building damage as the leaky fixture erodes and the leak grows. This also may start a mold issue.  Once you decide to buy a home, have a home inspector do a thorough analysis for leaks and after you’ve bought your home, make sure to address those leaks asap.


Regardless of where you are in the home ownership process, you can do quite a bit to impact the environment and your home energy bills.  These 5 steps are a great start. If you have specific questions about your real estate questions, feel free to contact the Wucher Team to get them answered.

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