Maximize Storage in Your Home

Maximize Storage in Your Home

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Maximize Storage in Your Home

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14 February 2019 | Blog

Lack of proper storage can make any home, small or large, feel stressful and overwhelming. Your home is where you unwind and relax, a peaceful oasis in a crazy world. Often clutter causes your home to be the opposite. Having a place for everything can bring peace home to you, through clever home storage solutions.

Here are some ideas to consider, whether updating a home for living, for selling, or to find in a property to buy.


Closet Organizing Systems

You can easily convert closets to allow for more efficient hanging room, better shelving, and easier access . Often the height of a hanging rod can actually accommodate another rod or a shoe organizer below it. For longer garments, just keep a small section of full-length hanging space. Use the remaining space for built-in shelves, cubbies or drawers for  jeans, sweaters, hats and more.


Window Seats

Window seats offer a place to snuggle in for reading, napping, or relaxing with a view to the outdoor world. They add style to any room in the house as well as provide the added benefit of built-in storage underneath. You can use window seats to store your photo albums, afghans for winter warmth, pet supplies, or whatever you need to keep handy, yet remove from sight.


home storage solutions, organization systems, home organization, home features, home buyingPegboard for Garage or Shed Tools

Frequently used tools for gardening, car care, sewing, pet supplies, or other hobbies can be kept on hand and organized with pegboard.  Pegboard organizational systems are not known for their beauty, but they’re unbeatable in terms of organization and convenience.


Under-Stair Storage

Under-stair spaces are perfect spots to add organized storage areas. The space under a stairwell often goes unused, but it can be perfect for storing seasonal items like project supplies, crafts, toys, Christmas decor, etc. If not used for storage, this space is often a waste.

There are so many places you can better utilize home storage solutions to add smart storage spaces, maximizing organization in your home with a few handyman skills and a little imagination.

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