New Hardware Equals New Bathroom

New Hardware Equals New Bathroom

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New Hardware Equals New Bathroom

You don’t have to spend a lot or hire bathroom remodelers to have an entirely new bathroom. While a complete makeover might be ideal, not everyone has the budget, energy and effort to use for such a huge renovation. But you won’t need to invest much to do a quick bathroom update by just switching out the hardware! The simple act of adding new hardware can really transform your bathroom and give it a style update it needs to look appealing to all.

New Cabinet Hardware

If your bathroom is lacking, adding new drawer pulls, doorknobs and cabinet handles can really bring your dull cabinets to life! Opt for a finish that looks good with the rest of your bathroom. You don’t have to use the same hardware on all the cabinets, you can change it up to fit the size and placement of cabinet or drawer. But just make sure they’re all the same finish for a cohesive look. Also, you might have to drill new holes if you’re replacing existing hardware. You can choose new ones that have the same contact point distance to eliminate the need to drill more holes, or fill the holes with well-matched wood putty. 

Fixtures Make Things Fresh

Once you’ve updated the hardware on the cabinets in your bathroom, why stop there? You can also go the extra mile by updating the fixtures on the sink, bath nozzles and showerheads. The addition of these bathroom fixtures can change the focal points of the room. Bath and sink fixtures should match the overall feel you want for the bathroom, so really think about what style or vibes you’re trying to go for when choosing fixtures. Another thing to take into account with fixtures is choosing ones that already match the placement of the previous ones. If you choose something totally new, you may have to drill new holes if they don’t match up… and disguise the old holes. Keep this in mind when shopping for new shower, bath, and sink fixtures.


Don’t forget about other accessories like a new toilet paper holder, shower rod, or a towel rack! These little things do make a difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. Also in the accessories category can be shower curtains and any towels you keep on display.

Without touching a paint can or ripping out any plumbing, you can give a new life to your loo. See how far new hardware and other details can take you.


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