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Paws for a Cause, Laura Wucher, Laura Wucher Real Estate Team
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 10/09/19

Join us this month at our Paws for a Cause event! We hope to see you there! Saturday, October 26, 2019 | 11am to 1pm | Pleasant Hill, CA Click here to watch our video: IMG_5014

31 morello court, laura wucher, laura wucher real estate
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 10/04/19

Whether you’re selling or buying, here are the 2019 real estate trends you need to know about.   1. Home Prices Are Rising Slowly With Less Offers Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that throughout 2017 and early 2018, home prices made a huge 10% jump. This year, though, it may be...

guest bathroom, bathroom, full bath, double sink marble counter
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 09/27/19

Everyone appreciates a bathroom with a relaxing aroma and great ambiance, especially when visiting someone else’s home. Are you looking for ways to make your guest bathroom more welcoming so your guests have a pleasant experience when visiting? Here are 4 ways that you can assure your guest bathroom is more welcoming: 1. Brighten the...

vista from Pleasant Hill home for sale, real estate listing, Bay Area Ridge Trail
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 09/20/19

What else do you find more adventurous than going trekking with friends and family in the woods? People are getting more and more busy in their hectic lives and they love to give some time to themselves — their body, mind and soul. And a wonderful trip outdoors allows us to reconnect with nature and...

Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 09/13/19

Do you wonder how to make your ceilings look higher than they are? If so, the following tips and tricks will help you give your space that extra-large look. 1. Stripes In fashion design, stripes are used for their heightening and slimming effect on the models. The same principle is true when it comes to...

cleaner home
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 09/06/19

After last night’s party, do you find your home to be some kind of garbage dump? From your favorite ping pong table to your bedroom, every single spot is filled with party remains and leftovers beer cans. Cleaning your mess is turning out to be another sequel of “mission impossible.” If this sounds like your...

Popular Youth Sports, Laura Wucher, Laura Wucher Real Estate Team
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 08/23/19

Sports are a vital part of human life, not just because they entertain you, but they also keep players active, unite fans, and give crowds of people a reason to be excited. Adults and children alike should be involved in some sports or physical activity throughout their lives to stay healthy. The Pleasant Hill Recreation...

31 morello court, laura wucher, laura wucher real estate
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 08/16/19

Do you want to sell your home for top dollar? Are you wondering if you should price your home lower than the everyone else in the neighborhood to sell it fast, or if you should price it high to get the best deal? Unfortunately, it’s the buyers who decide your home’s value, not you. The...

handyman qualities, handyman, Pleasant Hill Realtor, Buying a Home, renovating your home
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 08/09/19

Are you in the market for someone who is skilled enough to handle repairs and some minor renovations in your home or office? Then, its time to get in touch with a proficient handyman. Generally, they offer small services like retouching or fixing cabinets, painting, plumbing, carpeting and a few other services. While hiring them,...