Preparing Your Home for Sale

Preparing Your Home for Sale

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Preparing Your Home for Sale


You’ve decided that you’ve outgrown your home, need to downsize, or need something different from your current home.  As you look around your house, you wonder where to begin preparing your home!  What needs to be done before you can sell your house in Pleasant Hill or Martinez?


Stop the Creaks

A good rule of thumb is to always address the obvious flaws.  One of the first things to look for are creaks.  When opening a door or window, make sure you’re not hearing any weird noises.  You would hate for a possible home buyer to be dissuaded by creaking or moaning doors or floors.  It could signal to them that the house may have deeper problems than this minor noise. Make sure to address the creaks.


Fix the Walls

Isn’t the painting of the boat in your kid’s room beautiful?  How about the orange accent wall?  These may appeal to you but your home now has to connect to the masses. Not every person will have your specific taste. Paint your East Bay home in a neutral color and remove any photographs with people. Home buyers will be able to imagine their own décor and photos when they are looking at your home.  It’s like having a blank slate.


Spruce up the House

As with everything else, you’re trying to make a potential home buyer feel like they’re buying their home, not your home.  Painting and fixing creaks are great, but you can do a lot by just making the home clean and addressing minor issues.  For instance, if the screen door has been hanging off its bracket or a screen is ripped, take care of those things.  You want your East Bay home to seem livable but not worn out.


Energize your Bathroom

There is no need to go out and remodel your bathroom.  It’s still important to make your bathroom look clean and vibrant, though.  Clean up any blemishes, maybe refinish a cabinet (if needed), and add some beautiful decoration to give it a new energy.


Let there be Light

You don’t have to spend an arm and leg to make sure your house doesn’t look dark and dingy.  Add beautiful lighting throughout the house and make sure it’s on when anyone tours the home.  This will allow for the house to seem alive and not give the potential buyer the impression they’re walking into a cellar.  This can be done by changing or adding fixtures, or just switching the bulbs used.


Before you sell your East Bay home, take these steps preparing your home for sale to get the best offer. Laura Wucher provides complimentary home staging, to make your home look it’s best. If you have real estate questions, feel free to contact the Wucher Team to get them answered.

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