Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s First Impressions

Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s First Impressions

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Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s First Impressions

You probably walk up to your house with your eyes trained on the door lock you’re about to put your key in, having completely missed the color of the roof, the condition of the trees, the health of the lawn, the color of the paint. You live there. This is all irrelevant background information to you. But it’s not that way at all to your potential home buyer.

Your home’s first impressions are often referred to as its “curb appeal”. It’s this first impression that sets the mental stage for whether someone will like or dislike your home. This can be important to master for someone selling a house as well as anyone hoping to make their home more exciting and welcoming.

Your home is already built, so the impression the architecture is going to make on people is largely established. But first impressions are certainly changeable and influenced by many smaller, more alterable features. Do yourself a favor and walk down your block. Approach your home from a distance, looking at the entire home, not just the front door or any other path you might walk. See the very top of the roof, the farthest stretches of the lawn, the condition of the driveway. See everything.

This slow walk towards your house may reveal that it’s changed a lot since you really paid attention to it last. Has your roof been damaged? Are your trees overgrown? Does your lawn have weeds in it? Is your paint looking faded?

To make a big difference in your home’s first impressions:

Get New House Numbers

Yes, you can get new house numbers down at the hardware store. And depending on how you started, that may be an improvement. You can also have custom made house numbers created pretty easily these days at, or from a local woodworker or welder. Stylish house numbers give the appearance of investment in your home, that you’ve paid attention to the details.

Replace your Mailbox

You probably don’t pay a lot of attention to your mailbox. Which is why it’s so easy for it to become faded, dented, and crooked without anyone even noticing. The same can go for a mailslot too. They can dent and fade, and certainly can go unnoticed. Replacing your mailbox or slot with a shiny new one give the home a fresher, newer look.

Hide Your Trash Cans

The days of a home having one trash can by the curb are gone. Most of us now have a selection of cans that may include garbage, recycling, compost, yard waste, and more. This rowdy crew sitting out in the open looks- well, trashy. There are a number of clever ways to construct a convenient yet hidden storage area for trash cans. It’s usually a one-day project, and leaves your curb appeal many points higher that it was with a collection of garbage pails in front.

Clean the Roof and Gutters

Roofs and gutters are something we barely ever look at unless something has gone terribly wrong. Which is why it’s so easy for them to collect debris and become visibly filthy. Unfortunately, people who don’t already live in your house see this much more readily than you do. Clean it up for a good first impression.

Pressure Wash

Pressure wash what, you may ask? The house. The driveway. The patio. All the hard surfaces. Brick. Siding. So many things. You can hire a person with a pressure washer, but you can also rent one from many home improvement stores and do it yourself. You’ll be surprised how sparkly and new your house paint looks.

Install Accent Lighting

Homes with accent lights on beautiful plants, exterior walls, or along walkways are so much more beautiful at night than, well- houses you can’t see. A dynamic, artful presentation at dusk and after dark has something romantic about it that perhaps everyone enjoys.

Paint the Front Door

Repaint the front door is about the most common piece of advice you’ll ever hear about upgrading the appearance of your home from the outside. Because there is wisdom in it. It’s exceedingly simple and low cost, but high impact. It make your door, which is a major focal point, look crisp, clean and new. And it can also be a big style upgrade. Going from brown to teal, or from beige to scarlet red can make a world of difference.

If you’re planning on selling your home soon, there are many tips and tricks out there that can raise the selling price and shorten your time on the market. The Laura Wucher Real Estate Team are experts in this area, and are happy to help you reach your home selling dreams. Contact Laura Wucher today to get started selling, before you even rent a pressure washer.

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