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roof maintenance checklist, how to care for your roof, roofing care
Posted by The Laura Wucher Team | 04 04 2019

You might not think of your roof often, but it deserves your occasional attention. Taking care of your home's roof will prolong its life and save you money in the...

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Real Estate Pricing
Posted by The Laura Wucher Team | 07 08 2018

Real estate market prices are influenced by a set of forces. You can look at the factors that influence real estate values as two sets: the Micro Factors and the...

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2018 Real Estate Market Predictions
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 23 12 2017

In the Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and Martinez area, the real estate market has been doing very well over the past several years.  How does 2018 look for the real...

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good listing agent, property listing, real estate agent, realtor
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 14 10 2017

When it comes to selling a house, your listing agent provides essential assistance to make the sale easier and more profitable for you. But are all listing agents equal, all...

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Tips to help find your new home
Posted by The Laura Wucher Team | 15 09 2017

Buying a new home is both exciting and daunting. It's probably the greatest investment you make in your life, so making the right choice is important. Working with an experienced...

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Quality Real Estate Agent
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 04 08 2017

Whether you are buying or selling property, you want a quality real estate agent on your side.   Not every real estate agent will be able to give you what...

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