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roof maintenance checklist, how to care for your roof, roofing care
Posted by The Laura Wucher Team | 04 04 2019

You might not think of your roof often, but it deserves your occasional attention. Taking care of your home's roof will prolong its life and save you money in the...

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container garden, planting a container garden to sell a house, settling into a new house
Posted by The Laura Wucher Team | 28 03 2019

Add some charm and sophistication to your pation by adding a container garden! This is an easy way to increase the green on your patio or a simple way to...

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Selling a Pleasant Hill Home
Posted by The Laura Wucher Team | 14 12 2018

January is widely regarded as a time for new beginnings. Time for big changes, like making the decision to sell or buy real estate. And it's the best time of the...

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Finding the Right House
Posted by The Laura Wucher Team | 17 10 2018

  Just about everyone thinks spooky decor and holiday themed cuteness is fun. It makes us happy! We’re not all equally excited to put in a lot of labor and...

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The Laura Wucher Real Estate Team, Laura Wucher, Walnut Creek Realtor, Pleasant Hill Realtor, Martinez Realtor
Posted by The Laura Wucher Team | 28 04 2018

We are a quarter of the way through the year and the market is heading in a very similar direction as last year in many ways.  However, there are clear...

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client appreciation event, real estate agency. realtor group
Posted by The Laura Wucher Team | 07 04 2018

Thursday April 26th 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Jack's Restaurant and Bar in Pleasant Hill LAURA WUCHER'S 2018 ANNUAL CLIENT APPRECIATION PARTY   The Laura Wucher Team appreciates all the wonderful...

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Mortgage Interest
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 16 12 2017

Congress is getting closer to passing monumental legislation.  While many things could change, the real estate tax seems to be getting clearer. Before going into details, remember two things: 1-...

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Realtor,How Your Real Estate Agent is a Great Resource
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 30 11 2017

Buying and selling property is no easy task. Whichever end of the deal you're on, the process requires a lot of work. It also requires a certain amount of knowledge...

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Bay Area housing market, California real estate market, housing prices
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 21 10 2017

The Bay Area housing market has been a source of interest for a long time. Consternation, wonder, and excitement are common for homebuyers, sellers, agents and pundits over the past...

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good listing agent, property listing, real estate agent, realtor
Posted by Laura Wucher Team | 14 10 2017

When it comes to selling a house, your listing agent provides essential assistance to make the sale easier and more profitable for you. But are all listing agents equal, all...

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