The Advantages of a Single Story Home

The Advantages of a Single Story Home

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The Advantages of a Single Story Home

11 July 2019 | Blog

Are you torn between the construction or purchase of a multi-story home or a single story? Well, it is the common conundrum that every homebuyer faces. As a matter of fact, according to traditional American layout, the ground floor is a shared space whereas upper stories provide more privacy. Both the stories have equal benefits but from this post, you get familiar with the advantages of single-story homes.  Here are a few of the benefits of single-story homes:

Offers increased energy home efficiency

It is easier to heat or cool single-story home and in less time. The house plan features a central living area and heated and cooled air naturally make their way through such a design. Instead, multi-story homes require more complex HVAC system.

Easy to expand living space

If you have a large enough allotted space then you can easily add a sunroom, deck or patio to a single story home. You also enjoy the advantage of expanding the outdoor living areas which can translate to a strong indoor/outdoor connection.


The more stories then the higher the construction and/or maintenance charges. Moreover, the constractor has the freedom to choose taller ceilings thereby. The single story home will be more spacious and airy if you find the right design. Moreover, with an energy efficient home, you can save a lot on your power bills.

Perfect for aging and youngsters

Older people find ascending and descending stairs a bit of a struggle. Especially, individuals rely on a walker, or wheelchair for mobility find it to be quite difficult and dangerous to be in a multi-story home. Single story homes are perfect for aging and infants that all freedom of movement of all age. You can access to any area of your home with the help of a ladder.

These are the respective advantages of a single story home that you can enjoy at the time of completion.


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