The History of Pleasant Hill

The History of Pleasant Hill

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The History of Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill is a city in California’s Contra Costa County. Once farmland, the community became incorporated in 1961, making it one of the youngest municipalities in California. 

Early Settlers of Pleasant Hill

Development began during the 1920s with the main thoroughfare, Monument Boulevard, erected in 1927. Starting in the early 1970s, community leaders envisioned the creation of a central downtown area. In 1974, the city adopted a redevelopment plan, aptly called the Pleasant Hill Commons Redevelopment Plan.

Citizens got to work setting intentions for an eventual downtown area. Although ideas for development began in the 1970s, it would take thirty years for those plans to come to fruition. 

Small Beginnings

Initially, small projects began within a 129-acre area. From the beginning, plans excluded the 33-acre plot at the center of the development space. There weren’t yet enough funds available to build it. 

By 1986, a new community movement took hold in order to preserve the city’s community-centered ethos and ban high-rise buildings. A ballot initiative to enforce this measure followed.

Downtown Pleasant Hill

Eventually, the community came together to decide the fate of the land set aside for downtown development. This intentional planning period is largely responsible for the beautiful, pedestrian-oriented, and architecturally traditional downtown that residents enjoy today.

When the recession hit the real estate market in the 1990s, plans for development shifted. Luckily, construction stayed on track, and finally, after much planning and organizing, the city unveiled downtown in 2000. The entire project cost a total of 136 million dollars. 

A Beautiful Community

Since its completion, Pleasant Hill has come into its own as a truly beautiful community with a multitude of entertainment options, ample parking, cultural landmarks, and an abundance of nature. 

Many residents enjoy living in a city with a strong community spirit. Plus, it’s in close proximity to San Francisco. Considered one of the best places to live in California, it only has a population of roughly 35,000 residents. The climate is text-book ideal, with average monthly temperatures staying below 71 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Your Future in Pleasant Hill

Because Pleasant Hill offers so many excellent real estate options, homes stay in demand. Contact one of our realtors at (925) 595-8047 to make your Pleasant Hill dream home a reality today!

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