The Impact of Martinez Home Staging

The Impact of Martinez Home Staging

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The Impact of Martinez Home Staging

Even though home staging your Martinez home when you are trying to sell it has become common place, I still get the question, does staging make a real difference? The short answer, especially in this area, is absolutely! Why does staging make such a difference?

Beautifying your Home

Staging makes your home in line with society’s viewpoint of beauty, which then appeals to a higher proportion of the population. Think about the majority of the popular magazines on the shelf. They depict similar things and individuals. Why? It’s because that they are what people generally view as beautiful or attractive. When you stage a property, you are removing the odd or “unique” aspects of a property and creating a look that is in line with the agreed upon beauty standards for property. Your Martinez home staging can bring your house closer to the ideal home.

Buyer’s Imagination

One of the weirdest things for an East Bay buyer walking into a Martinez, Pleasant Hill or Danville house is picturing themselves living in that home when they see pictures of the previous owner’s family members. At the most basic level, removing imagery of your family is the most elemental level of staging. As mentioned above, staging, at its base, is designed to allow home buyers to imagine themselves in the home that is for sale.


Related to Martinez home staging is keeping the home for sale clean. You can put new furniture and remove imagery but if you don’t keep the home clean, the appeal deteriorates. Think about when you visit a person’s home and you see stains and dirt. Do you want to stay for an extended period? Are you worried about the overall condition of things within the home? While it maybe an old adage, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Thus, it is imperative that you are constantly keeping your home clean in case a homebuyer visits.

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