Use Area Rugs To Add Charm To Your Space

Use Area Rugs To Add Charm To Your Space

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Use Area Rugs To Add Charm To Your Space

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20 April 2019 | Blog

An area rug can infuse your space with new style and energy. The right rug can complete a room and put everything together for a visually cohesive look. It can add warmth, define or anchor a room, even adding a sophisticated texture to a room’s already chic décor. Here are a few different ways to style your space with an area rug:

Create Harmony

Flecks of color or unique textures in rugs can tie in other elements and turn them into part of a pattern instead of anomalies. A fluffy rug can make wispy feathers elsewhere seem more cohesive, or bright orange strands in a colorful area rug can harmonize with the bold orange of an abstract painting. You can use more than one area rug to create harmony in a space, if you like. Create a fun look by choosing rugs that complement each other in style and not color. Go for rugs that look good together but don’t match exactly.


Add Variety to a Space

Two or three rugs that look very different from each other make a room appear to have more energy in it. They create a visual excitement. The room appears to have more variety, to contain more interesting things. This is obviously a great fit for kid’s playrooms, home gyms, home offices, and other places energy is valued.


Use Area Rugs to Define Areas

If you have a large room that needs definition, use area rugs to create separate nooks like dining areas, seating and functional spaces. A large rug under couches can prevent the seating area from looking “lost”, like it’s floating in too much empty space. Use rugs like islands at the center of areas used for different purposes.


Area Rugs Influence Acoustics

Believe it or not, adding dense area rugs can do wonders for sound dampening in your home. Large areas of hard flooring and high ceilings can become like echo chambers without the sound absorption that soft area rugs offer you. Combine them with fabric window coverings and upholstered furniture for maximum effect.


Play with Shapes

Rugs don’t always have to be rectangle or square! Shapes with right angles tend to contribute a controlled, formal, organized feel while circles and ovals create a laid-back flow. There are even more shapes than squares, rectangles, circles, and ovals although they’re harder to find and may require a custom order. Don’t feel restrained like you can’t have fun shaped rugs. You can.


Create a Room’s Focal Point

Your area rug usually shouldn’t BE the focal point in a room. It can be a tool to direct attention to your focal point either discreetly or blatantly. Put a bright rug right in front of the painting your room centers around, to stand on when gazing at it. Place a uniquely textured rug under the table your prized vase sits on.

Be creative, and remember that color isn’t the only way to stand out! Shape, texture, and scale all give your area rugs power to influence a room.


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