Walnut Creek is a Great Place to Live and Base Your Business

Walnut Creek is a Great Place to Live and Base Your Business

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Walnut Creek is a Great Place to Live and Base Your Business

To enjoy where you live, you must be able to pursue your passions there. Walnut Creek is a thriving city for great living and prosperous business building. The right city for your business will have features that attract and retain talent, as well as support your business needs. Plus you’ll like it there!

Why Live and Work in Walnut Creek?

The right location for you and your business will have features that support you:

  • The poverty level in Walnut Creek is 57% lower than the national average; people here can afford to be your customers.
  • 61.8% of people in Walnut Creek have completed a bachelors degree, making an educated workforce.
  • School test scores in Walnut Creek are 38% higher than the national average, because the education here is top-quality.
  • Walnut Creek is a medium city, with access to nature as well as culture, shopping, and restaurants.
  • San Francisco and other important Bay Area Cities are connected through the BART rapid transit and highway systems, making collaboration and meetings easy.

With access the talent of Silicon Valley, the booming tech industry in San Francisco, and in a community full of entrepreneurs, Walnut Creek is a great place to build business. There’s a great presence of business services, including a downtown coworking space and ample private office spaces.

Walnut Creek is Growing

Now’s a great time to get into Walnut Creek. The downtown is an attractive place to spend the day, and there are so many beautiful homes inside the city limits. Downtown has public art, mini parks, and a variety of restaurants and shops, yet it’s maintained a small feel, with no big-box stores in the downtown neighborhood.

In the last few years, Walnut Creek has seen an influx of educated young adults. Many are setting up businesses and families here. This makes it one of the fasted growing cities in the Bay Area.

With great schools, beautiful homes and tree-lined neighborhoods, Walnut Creek may be the place for you. Contact Laura Wucher to have us locate the home for you.


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