Ways to Make Your Ceilings Look Higher Than They Are

Ways to Make Your Ceilings Look Higher Than They Are

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Ways to Make Your Ceilings Look Higher Than They Are

Do you wonder how to make your ceilings look higher than they are? If so, the following tips and tricks will help you give your space that extra-large look.

1. Stripes

In fashion design, stripes are used for their heightening and slimming effect on the models. The same principle is true when it comes to home decor, especially at a time when you want your ceilings to look higher than they are. Give your lower ceilings a dramatic makeover and dress your windows in stripes.

2. Light adjustment

Strip lighting is the most common trick that is used by Realtors and agents at the time of a property photo shoot to make the property appear more spacious and taller. Installing strip lighting to the top edge of your ceiling will not only make the ceiling appear taller, but also it will also lure the attention of the viewer.

3. Diagonal focal point

You can also practice simple diagonal lines on the wall that will make the ceiling appear taller. There are different ways of doing this. Some of them are:

  • Using painters tape to create a diagonal line and make the wall two-toned
  • Painting the bottom half with one color and upper half with another
  • With steps and stairs, you can create an illusion for the ceiling to appear higher and go up
  • You can use shelves for the same illusion

4. Ceilings color

Lastly, you can make your ceilings look higher than they are with paint. All you need to keep in mind is to go with the darker color ceiling. Darker paints with high gloss gives a special effect, and with a matte finish, you can hide cracks and flaws, etc.

Consider these 4 tips and tricks in mind and you will be able to give the appearance that your space is larger than it really is.

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