What Pleasant Hill Home Staging Does for You

What Pleasant Hill Home Staging Does for You

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What Pleasant Hill Home Staging Does for You


Home Staging is the practice of having a professional or team of professionals arrange furnishings and decor in your home with the intention of showing it in the best possible light. The end purpose of this “staging” is to allow potential buyers to see the home as their future home. Many people believe  Pleasant Hill home staging is pretty simple, and they can do it themselves, by just arranging their existing furniture and cleaning well. It’s not quite that simple, though. The homes here are predominantly young and beautiful, so the right staging becomes extra important.

Here are a few strengths of professional home staging that you may not know about:

It Features Your Home’s Best Qualities

Professional home stagers know a few important pieces of information: What feelings or ambiance buyers are looking for and how to accomplish that using furnishings and decor. They also actually have access to the all right furnishings and art to do that! Naturally, the right “feel” for a house is hard to quantify, but these professionals make it their business to know what a house needs.

What Potential Buyers See is Important

Home buyers don’t come to Open Houses without seeing pictures first. They just don’t. And the photos they see, whether on flyers or online, must be compelling. Stark, empty homes inspire little excitement because they don’t look like homes at all, they look like buildings. Structures with no life. Quality staging can create the right impression: that this is a home your buyer would love to live in.

There is More Than Meets the Eye

Home staging is not just about making a home look better in pictures. When done right, a staged home is a comfortable temperature. It’s pleasant smelling, and has fresh air flowing through it, is neither humid nor dry. It may do well with a slightly “new” smell if well-lived-in, “evergreen” scent if a little short on natural surroundings, or perhaps “apple pie” if it’s clearly a new home, without an established hominess. The right impression to make on Open House visitors depends on many factors. A home stager will know what to do.

A “Blank Slate” to Imagine Life In

One key duty of home staging professionals is to depersonalize a home for sale. Home buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in your home. The stager makes this easier by removing highly personal items, and choosing things that are cozy and welcoming without seeming too intimate or personal.

Home Staging Works

According to the Real Estate Staging Association homes staged before hitting the market sell 73% faster than homes that are empty or furnished by the homeowner.

Pleasant Hill home staging is valuable, and as a consequence, can be expensive. When you sell with the Laura Wucher Real Estate Team, we always provide complimentary home staging. If you’re thinking of selling in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact us today for the expert help you need to get the most for your home.

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