What to Look for in a Virtual Home Tour

What to Look for in a Virtual Home Tour

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What to Look for in a Virtual Home Tour

With many stay-at-home orders still in effect across the country, more things are being done virtually. All business industries have been affected by the pandemic, including real estate. Virtual tours are quickly becoming the new norm. They allow buyers to view a home without physically setting foot inside.

But how can you tell if you’re receiving a high-quality tour that’s almost as good as being there in person? Keep in mind the following things you should look for in a virtual home tour.

Opt for Actual Footage 

The tour should be actual footage of the home, not a digital recreation. A virtual home tour should be a real 3D live tour of the house, or at best a live stream video. This allows the viewer to ask questions, and feel more in control of the experience. A recorded video tour of the home is okay too, but it does impart the same immediacy that a live virtual home tour provides. 

Viewer Control

Ideally, the viewer should have control of the exploration of the home. This includes the option to move between rooms at their own pace, with the additional options to revisit parts of the house. They should also dictate the viewing angle.


A virtual home tour should be easily accessible through a mobile device or computer. Similarly, a tour needs high-quality image resolution, and lighting, as well as a fast connection, to prevent excessive lag times.  

Home Staging

It’s preferable if the home is staged to complement its best features. Empty rooms can’t give the buyer a real sense of the space, and neither can cluttered rooms.

Outside Areas

The outside areas of the property should also be included in the virtual tour. This provides the viewer with a better understanding of a home’s potential. For instance, is there room for a pool in the backyard? 

Schedule a Virtual Home Tour with Us

An efficient virtual tour should come as close as possible to duplicating an actual in-person visit. When the viewer is finished with the tour, they should feel like they just walked through the house. 

If you’re interested in any of our listings online or have your heart set on a special dream home, we’d love to hear from you. Schedule a virtual home tour today by contacting the Laura Wucher Real Estate Team at (925) 595-8047.

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