Why Buy in the East Bay?

Why Buy in the East Bay?

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Why Buy in the East Bay?

From Pleasant Hill to Walnut Creek to Danville, more and more homebuyers are looking at the East Bay for their home buying needs. Why? What possesses a person to want to buy a home in this area where housing prices are at or above $1 million on average? The following are just some of the factors:

Low Cost

Even though the average home prices in the East Bay are around $1 million, this is still substantially lower than other areas in the Bay Area. The Silicon Valley and the City of San Francisco are at least 25% higher in most parts. While a million dollars isn’t cheap, it is more affordable than nearby alternatives. In fact, even the homes in Alamo that approach $1.5 million on average may seem like a bargain compared to other areas in the Bay Area.

Exemplary Schools

The East Bay is filled with many award winning schools. The San Ramon Valley Unified School District is a perfect example of just one of these Districts where people are clamoring enroll their children. Almost all the students graduate and high percentage of them go to Ivy League schools.

Easy Walkability

Besides cost and schools, many families buy a home in the East Bay due to the walkability factor. Most homes are within walking distance of the schools, local parks, and many eateries. Many properties are close proximity to local shopping areas like Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek, Downtown Danville, the strip of shops on Mt. Diablo in Lafayette, and Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton. San Ramon will also be getting a main hub through City Center that opens later this year.

Lack of Crime

Most of the cities in the East Bay have very low levels of crime. Community policing is very popular within the cities in the East Bay and they do a great job to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all their residents.

As a result, if you want to come to an area that is expanding and has great amenities, come to the East Bay. I’ll be glad to help answer your questions about the area. Contact the Wucher Team to get information and obtain assistance finding the home of your dreams.

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