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Concord is the largest city in

Contra Costa County, with a census count of approximately 122,000. Neighborhoods are important to the city's family-oriented lifestyle, which balances Concord's gracious early California heritage with vigorous, thoughtful development. Concord offers a range of housing options and prices, from apartments to executive residences. Quiet neighborhoods, numerous parks and large preserves of open space add to the quality of life for all residents.


In 2000, the City adopted the slogan...

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“Concord, Where Families Come First” to bring attention to the many family-friendly events, activities, organizations and opportunities available in Concord. For more information, and to browse the Community Calendar, visit the Web site.

A dynamic, high-rise business core, regional shopping centers and a vibrant, entertainment-driven downtown have created a strong, sustainable economy. 

A significant number of major corporations and technology-based companies have chosen to locate in Concord, citing a well-educated workforce, convenient location and employee amenities as driving factors.



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