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Laura Wucher Pleasant Hill Realtor

Laura Wucher Pleasant Hill Real Estate Agent

Do You Have a Dream—and Does it Involve a Home?

Together we can make your dreams come true!

One of the silver linings (so to speak) of the pandemic, is that the restrictions really reinforced the value of "home" for many people. Many homeowners found themselves working remotely and had the opportunity to truly visualize what it might mean to live their dreams. For

, part of that vision included “buying a dream home” as a near-term goal.

If you find yourselves in that category of dreamers, I’d love to help you! But remember-- before rushing out to find a “dream” home, the first step for would-be buyers is to figure out how much mortgage they can actually afford because the number may be different than how much the bank says they can afford.

Wait a minute! Is this a joke?

A “dream” home can quickly lose its shine if you end up “house poor,” which is a term used to describe the lifestyle of homeowners buried by a mortgage who are unable to enjoy some of the simple things that make life sweet. Everyone needs a little vacation now and then, or a new couch for the grand, open family room.

It's time to talk dreams

Homeowners today still place a top-of-line kitchen as the number one item desired in a dream home. A backyard oasis with a pool or sports court is highly desired, and a lavish primary bedroom and spa-like retreat follow in popularity.

It’s fun to create of list of desired amenities in a dream home. But often, I find that buyers are attracted to a home by the feeling they get when they walk through the front door. For some buyers, it’s the private location on a hillside or the perfect loft downtown within walking distance of restaurants and nightlife.

So, keep in mind that even a potential “dream” home may need a few changes to make it your own. Stay open-minded during the process, and visit neighborhoods that intrigue you. It’s important to remain realistic about the costs and time involved in even minor upgrades to make sure that your dream home doesn’t become a money pit.

We have a tremendous team of Buyer’s agents who eager to help

At the Laura Wucher Real Estate Team, we have a great group of Buyer’s agents with both experience and neighborhood expertise who would love to be part of the process. Check out the team and find your perfect match. We would love to be your Pleasant Hill Realtor, Martinez Realtor or any East Bay neighborhood.

Perhaps that dream is closer than you think.


Laura Wucher Pleasant Hill Realtor

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