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Laura Wucher Pleasant Hill Realtor

Laura Wucher Pleasant Hill Real Estate Agent

THE MARKET SO FAR: Your 2021 Real Estate Update

The year 2021 started off amazing for Pleasant Hill/Martinez home sellers. Most properties received multiple offers—up to 30, if you can believe it—and the resultant bidding wars meant that homes were often going well over list price, even up to $500,000 over in Pleasant Hill!

Then suddenly, June came along. Covid restrictions were loosened. People started going on vacation. They had been cooped up for so long and were finally ready to go and enjoy life again. This caused the market to take a little bit of a dip, a bit of a slowdown.

By July 4, seventy percent of Californians were on vacation. And now, with folks still in and out of vacation mode, it’s a good time to pick up a great home if you are thinking of buying. The buyer pool is smaller resulting in lighter competition, beautiful homes continue to be available, and sellers are motivated a little bit more than they were earlier in the year.

Although there is less frenzy in the market, “good” houses—houses that are staged, well-presented and priced right, continue to still sell briskly.

So, my prediction? I don’t have a crystal ball, but typically September is considered“our second spring real estate market” and I don’t see that happening differently this year. Interest rates are low, buyers are returning from vacation, kids will be settled into school and buyers will be ready to return to the market.

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, give me a call today. With complimentary staging, professional photography services, great marketing and fantastic communication from start to finish, it's a call you won't regret!


Laura Wucher Pleasant Hill Realtor

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