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Laura Wucher Pleasant Hill Realtor

Laura Wucher Pleasant Hill Real Estate Agent

We Make Our Own Luck!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, a limerick: There once was a leprechaun named Pat,

Whose luck was as green as his hat,

He danced a jig,

With a fancy wig,

And a pot of gold under his mat.

On St. Patrick's Day he would roam,

And always carried a comb,

He spread his fine luck

And shamrocks he'd pluck

While Laura helped to sell his home! I love celebrating Spring and St. Patrick's gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate the luck of the Irish! We are fortunate to live close to one of the finest St. Patrick's Day celebrations this side of Ireland. Check it out.

Dublin California Celebrates!

Experience the Emerald Isle without a passport! Enjoy three stages of music and Irish Dance, sample authentic Irish food and beverages, visit more than 250 fine arts and commercial vendors (including an Irish Marketplace), and spy roaming leprechauns and bagpipers. Kids will love the carnival rides, petting zoo, Irish Tea Cottage, and MORE!

You really can’t miss it.

Details here.

How About a Tasty St. Patrick’s Day Treat?

Everyone can be a little bit Irish with this easy quick bread. Irish Soda is a favorite for good reason. It's delicious alongside a delicious Irish stew or as a sweet accompaniment to a cup of tea. Check out this tasty recipe.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!


Laura Wucher Pleasant Hill Realtor

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